The Way of the Scorpion John Wick


Published: 1998


128 pages


The Way of the Scorpion  by  John Wick

The Way of the Scorpion by John Wick
1998 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 128 pages | ISBN: | 5.51 Mb

The fifth of the Way of the Clans series.Surrounded by shadows, the Scorpion weave a tapestry of lies and deceit, betrayal and treachery, all in the name of the Emperor. To lift the mask of the Scorpion is to look upon the face of truth. If you are ready to learn the darkest secrets of Rokugan, then you are ready to learn the secrets of the Scorpion Clan.* The history of the Scorpion Clan, including stories the other Clans dont want you to know* New Character Rules for Bayushi Courtiers, Soshi Shadow Magic, and Shosuro Actors* Excerpts from Lies, Bayushi Tangens ancient treatise on treachery, deceit, and loyalty* New Skills, Techniques, Advantages, and Disadvantages, and Scorpion Ancestors* Information on Traitors Grove, Bayushis Mask, Shosuros Cloak, and Ambition, the third Iuchiban Blade* New poison rules, Treachery 101, a complete Fortunes and Winds set, and the secrets of the niwatori, the ninja of the Scorpion Clan* And more!

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