Heartbroken and Mad Daryl Moore


Published: April 28th 2014



Heartbroken and Mad  by  Daryl Moore

Heartbroken and Mad by Daryl Moore
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That lying, cheating dog, Sandra thought. I want him to feel all the pain I felt. She was lied to and played by a womanizer. There wasnt anything Sandra wouldnt have done for the man she loved (Charlie). I should have listened to my friends when they told me he was a player. Sandra was determined not to let her heart lead her astray next time. She was going to be in total control of her next relationship.Sandra is the most beautiful woman Ive ever met, Phats thought. Ive got to have her. Phats was willing to do whatever it took to make her his woman even if it meant breaking the law.

Phats is a Washington D.C. police officer. If she had a request, he went through great lengths to fulfill her dreams. He was on a mission to make her his wife.Sandra harassed Charlie every chance she got. Find out if she got her revenge on him. Phats pursued Sandra. Find out if he convinced her to be his woman or does everything fall apart in the end.

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